If you get tired, learn to rest — not to quit. — Banksy

Burned Out

Lately, I’ve been feeling burned out. In the past few years, I wrote two novels, served as president of the board of a nonprofit, founded and ran Bookflow, taught workshops, and managed to cook dinner for my family most nights. And I kept up a 557-day streak of learning French on a language app.

And guess what? I’m tired.

Minimum Viable Progress

I don’t have time for a vacation, but I really need a break. So I’ve decided that for a little while, I’m going MVP—Minimum Viable Progress.

Like with my language app. Some days, I only do one short lesson—it takes me less than five minutes. But I do it *every* day, so I’m making progress.

Sometimes, You're Not In The Most Ideal Circumstances

In my writing, I love to be able to sit down for several uninterrupted hours and really get into the flow. But I can’t quite manage that right now.

Instead, I’ve just been capturing a few character ideas or scene ideas at a time using Bookflow’s outlining features. That way, I maintain my writing streak and the story comes together, little by little.

Small Progress Is Still Progress

This way, when my schedule clears a bit and I can dive in more deeply, I’ll be ready.

I can’t take a complete break, but I can take my intensity down a notch.

Regular progress is progress!

What's your MVP for writing? Log in to Bookflow and give it a try.