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Quick start

Don't waste time learning complex writing software. Bookflow is straightforward and easy to use, so you can spend more time writing.


Every project you start on Bookflow features a place to capture the essential elements of your story—scenes, character details, and themes.

Easy import and export

If you’ve already started writing, no worries! It’s easy to import your Word Doc files into Bookflow…and even simpler to export your manuscript or outline.

Goal setting

Setting a goal can be a motivating step in your writing journey. Once you set a word-count goal, you’ll be able to track your progress in your project.

Pacing analysis

Bookflow’s project dashboard shows the length of each scene you write. At a glance, you’ll see if one of your scenes is too long or too short.

Reorder and edit

Bookflow’s outline features make it easy to analyze and edit your work. Simply drag and drop the scenes to reorder your manuscript.

How Bookflow Keeps You Writing


Stay motivated

Get a gold star for every single day you commit to your writing. You’ll also get surprise congratulations when you hit writing milestones, and a special star when you hit your project goal.


Bookflow’s weekly blogs are designed to help you think more deeply about the craft of writing and your own work. Use them as writing exercises or adapt them to your work-in-progress.

Beat writer's block

Every day, there’s a new writing idea for you to experiment with. These are varied, from photographs, to scenarios, to pieces of music, to thoughts by famous writers and artists.

Checklists and guides

See the big picture as you write or edit. Our guides help you plan, while our checklists are designed to simplify plot and character analysis.

Protect your copyright

Bookflow is here to help you write, not to try to claim credit for your work. We will never publish your writing or attempt to claim copyright or ownership of it in any way. Once you create your account, your work is password-protected. Even if you stop paying, you can still login and read or download your work for another six months.

Write anywhere

Bookflow is web-based and mobile-optimized. No need to download a separate app; simply open your browser and login on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. All work is instantly saved.

Explore Bookflow's micro-lessons


How to Outline
a Novel

We'll cover how to write an outline, when to use an outline, and our Big Picture Philosophy of storytelling.

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For artists, SMART goals can be useful. But we also need to make sure that we are crafting SPIRIT goals.

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How to Write Scene Descriptions

Part of writing a good scene-by-scene outline is understanding what makes a scene. Each scene should capture six essential moments.

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Habit Stacking

If you’re looking to build a creative habit, the simplest, strongest way to do it is to tie it to another, existing habit.

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Ready to write?

A commitment to your writing is a gift you give yourself, so why not start now?

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  • Mobile optimized
  • Writing prompts
  • Micro craft lessons weekly
  • Import existing projects
  • Set goals and check progress