What we call the beginning is often the end. —T.S. Eliot

Happy New Year!

The end of August always feels like the true beginning of the new year to me. Even though I no longer go back to school, I find myself craving a new notebook and full of plans for organizing my life and doing my best. At this moment of the year, I am invigorated by my potential, and I often find myself setting goals or intentions.

My Word For The Year

I’ve decided that my word for this academic year is audacity. I want to pursue new ideas and connect with more people, but my natural introversion (don’t laugh; it’s true!) often keeps me at home. I want to experiment more with my writing.

Experiment More

When I created Bookflow, I insisted that we place a fresh writing exercise/thought prompt on the home page every day. I love knowing that there is always something I can play with or explore before I sit down to my “official” project. And I’m amazed at how often I manage to surprise myself—when I allow myself to play, thoughts that have been lurking come to the surface. Sometimes, writing ideas are like cats. If you look for them, they hide. If you play with some string, they show themselves.   

Try a prompt this week and see if any new, audacious ideas pop out!