Writing gives the mind a disciplined means of expression. ― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is the author of Flow, a book about the creative mental state in which we are fully absorbed in our task to the point of losing all sense of time. It’s the moment during which we engage with a difficult mental task in a way that feels almost effortless—we are performing at the exact level of mastery that’s required, which makes the task intrinsically rewarding. It’s a form of joy that makes us lose all sense of ourselves.

More Writing = More Flow

As a writer, I sometimes lose myself in my writing to the point that I am late for meetings. I don’t experience this every time I write, but the more often I write, the more often it happens. And, of course, if I have gotten out of the writing habit, it doesn’t happen at all. I don’t have to work for hours to reach flow, either. I can experience flow even with a short writing exercise. This is where writing is really fun, and all I have to do to get into a state of flow is to show up every day, ready to engage with the task in front of me. This flow state is the reason I chose the name Bookflow. I wanted to create software that would help writers reach that state easily and regularly.

21 Days Of Flow To Kickstart 2021

2020 has been challenging, and I know many of my creative friends have been feeling burned out, blocked, and generally busted-up. That’s why I want to kick 2021 off by giving my mindset a reset. The new year is a great time to kick off positive habits, and I’d like to invite you to join me. Sign up for 21 Days Of Flow To Kickstart 2021, and I’ll send a note and Bookflow’s daily writing prompt directly to your mailbox every day for 21 days, starting January 4 (Monday). Let’s keep a habit that will pay off all year!

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