I remember a time when I almost gave up on writing.

I was turning forty and feeling burnt out. I’d been writing two (or more) novels a year for *years*, but I felt like I wasn’t reaching the next level. I felt like I was out of ideas and I knew that I had to do something different. But what?

That’s when a voice inside me whispered, “You’ll never get to new places if you keep taking the same paths.”

Instead of giving up, I decided to double down and enrolled in an MFA program. I knew that I needed to give myself the time and the freedom to explore new pathways, and I was eager for a mentor to help guide and challenge me and my work. By the time I left the program, I had a six-figure, three-book deal that definitely felt like the next level. Now I teach in an MFA program, and I absolutely love working with my students.

I know that not everyone can commit to TWO YEARS and the hefty price tag of an MFA program. That’s why I’m so excited to be part of Whale Rock’s Mentorship Semester. It’s a deep dive into craft that opens new pathways and allows you to make real progress on a single project. And you don’t have to write critical essays!

Nothing brings me more joy than helping writers achieve the same goals I had….even faster than I did. If you’ve got a project and you’re ready to double down on your writing goals, let me answer a few questions I’ve heard from people:

Are you going to read my whole book?

Well, that depends on how long your book is! Every month, you’ll submit 40 pages, which I’ll read, make comments on, and offer editorial feedback for. Then we’ll follow up with a phone call, in case you have questions or would like to brainstorm together. In total, you’ll get in-depth editorial feedback on 120 pages and plenty of conversations about where your story is headed and how to get there.

Is this just you and me?

If you request me as a mentor, I’ll be the only one commenting on your work-in-progress and working with you one-on-one. But there will also be class sessions and lectures with the other mentors and mentees. I’m anticipating some really exciting craft conversations and a fun cohort of writers!

What if I can’t make it to all of the class sessions?

No worries—they’ll all be recorded! And we’ll be able to schedule our one-on-one meetings for a time that works for you.

Any other questions?

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