Belief in oneself is incredibly infectious. It generates momentum, the collective force of which far outweighs any kernel of self-doubt that may creep in. --Aimee Mullins

Some people are Born Believers. Straight out of the womb, they believe that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. I’ve known a few people like this. They don’t seem to realize that things are impossible, and so they keep doing them.

I’m not like that.

No, for me, believing in myself takes practice. I have to be rigorous about it, making sure to remind myself that I’ve done hard things and that I can continue to do hard things. I do daily battle with Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt and internalized stories about my limitations. And the reason that I battle these things is that they are the major impediment to making any kind of progress on any kind of art. They are the Enemy.

Over July, I’ve made some really exciting progress on several projects, including the novel I’ve been working on for Scholastic. Does that mean it’s time for a vacation? Far from it. 

My years as a working artist have taught me that there is power in creative momentum. When you are on a roll, keep rolling

I hope that you’re managing to carve out some creative time this summer. It’s amazing how energizing even fifteen minutes of writing can feel. Lately, thanks to my good friend Emmy Laybourne, I’ve been inspired to write in my journal not only about my own personal thoughts and feelings, but also about my work in progress. I reflect on what I hope to accomplish and how I plan to do it. This brings about its own form of momentum—when we can see where we need to go, it’s easier to walk the path to get there.

Ready to build your momentum? Log in to journal or write today!