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Creativity meets productivity—Bookflow is the secure cloud-based app that offers goal-setting, project tracking, and an easy-to-use framework that simplifies capturing, outlining, and re-ordering ideas. Perfect if you are:

- Obsessed with tracking your progress (and getting rewards!)
- Sick of writing pages that go nowhere
- Eager to streamline brainstorming and outlining
- Ready to make real progress in your draft
- Don’t have time for an hours’ long tutorial on how to use the tool

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The workbook includes: 
- 36 scene template cards with prompts
- 5-part overview of a novel's rising action
- Essential character questions

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DEI Statement

Bookflow is proud to be women-led and women-focused, with 100% of leadership positions held by women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community. We believe that writing is integral to self-examination and self-expression, and that these practices build confidence and power. That’s why Bookflow is designed to help writers empower themselves by telling their stories with a tool that encourages, teaches, and streamlines a complex process. We work hard to foster a culture of belonging. 

HIde !!!!1Developed by a New York Times Best-Selling Author

Bookflow founder Lisa Papademetriou is an editor, writing instructor, and a best-selling author. Bookflow is the distillation of practices that have helped her write and publish over 70 books.

Just what I needed!

"Bookflow is just what I needed to get my novel finished and publication-ready."

Love the outlining method!

"I LOVE how this offers an outlining method! My outlines are usually an ugly mess and this makes things straightforward, awesome, exciting, and super clean."

I'm a Bookflow believer!

"I've been thinking a lot about how to structure my writing time, and being able to see at a glance which days I’m most productive is going to give me some good insight into how I work."

My creativity is on fire!

"I've gotten much farther in my book than I've ever gotten before! Bookflow keeps me motivated and on track."


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