The Only Template You’ll Ever Need To Outline Your Novel

An outline is an essential tool for writers, either when beginning writing or as part of the revision process. (Or both.)

But figuring out where to start and how to connect your brilliant ideas can be challenging.  

This outlining template is for you if you said any of the following are true: 
- You’re starting a first draft of a novel
- You’re revising a discovery draft
- You’re preparing for NaNoWriMo
- You’re ready to make serious progress with your plot 

Template includes:
- 36 scene template cards
- 5 part overview of a novel's rising action
- Essential character questions 

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Bookflow founder Lisa Papademetriou is an editor, writing instructor, and a best-selling author. Bookflow is the distillation of practices that have helped her write and publish over 70 books.

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