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Buried under a mountain of ideas?

"I have piles of filled notebooks and a million versions of chapters on my computer. Bookflow gives me a place to organize and move forward." —Bookflow User

A novel, story collection, or memoir is a thousand ideas that are collected and connected into a larger whole, like a jigsaw puzzle. Bookflow’s unique framework makes it easy to see where certain ideas can be stored so that they can be retrieved and explored when you need them. No more flipping through notebooks or searching through disorganized files.

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Jerome Hoffman

—  CEO of Marco Interactive

"Bookflow is keeping me sane, not to mention organized." —Helena, Bookflow user

Capture, retrieve, and rearrange all the pieces of your story.

Create, import, export

Our tool allows you to start multiple book projects, import existing, and even export manuscripts.

Build storytelling skills

Our daily writing excercises and guided activities will keep your storytelling muscles in shape.

Practice effective habits

Keep motivation high with personalized goals, tracking, and rewards.

HIde !!!!1Developed by a New York Times Best-Selling Author

Bookflow founder Lisa Papademetriou is an editor, writing instructor, and a best-selling author. Bookflow is the distillation of practices that have helped her write and publish over 70 books.

Just what I needed!

"Bookflow is just what I needed to get my novel finished and publication-ready."

Love the outlining method!

"I LOVE how this offers an outlining method! My outlines are usually an ugly mess and this makes things straightforward, awesome, exciting, and super clean."

I'm a Bookflow believer!

"I've been thinking a lot about how to structure my writing time, and being able to see at a glance which days I’m most productive is going to give me some good insight into how I work."

My creativity is on fire!

"I've gotten much farther in my book than I've ever gotten before! Bookflow keeps me motivated and on track."


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