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Creativity is a Wave

Recently, I was showing someone a copy of my latest book, The Dreamway, and explaining how difficult it had been for me to write, how hideous the first draft was, and how frank my agent was with me about all of the work the book would need before it could be published.

“Really?” he looked surprised, gesturing to the shelves where I keep copies of all of my published books and their foreign translations. “Even after all of these books?”

Yep. Even after all of these books.

The thing is that creativity is a wave, not a line. Many artists experience a period of intense creativity followed by a lull. It is important to remember that these moments are the ones in which the wave is building, gathering strength for its coming height.

The trick is that you have to keep the work flowing to get to the next crest. Even slow progress is progress. You must keep showing up to the page in order to catch that wave, that moment when things begin to fall into place and you find the answers.